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Hi, I’m Dr Evgenia.

Career Expert. Doctor. Recruiter. Mother. Executive Coach. Finance Professional.

“Life is too short to dread Mondays.
Embrace change - rewrite your future!”

My life journey has taken me through a medical degree at Cambridge University, 6+ years in NHS clinical practice, 10+ years in coaching, consulting and public speaking, 6 years in recruitment and leadership advisory consulting for international pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

Today, I live with my daughter just outside London and I work in finance. My own career transitions, as well as those of others I have supported, have taught me that it is not too late to make a change in your career for a happier, more fulfilling work life your late 30s, 40s and beyond. There are many more lessons from changing careers that I’d like to share with you.

As an executive coach, public speaker and recruiter, I have empowered, inspired and supported hundreds of Healthcare and Life Sciences professionals on their journeys of career development and career change.  My special interests lie in equipping others with confidence and practical skills to access the “hidden job market”, stand out from the crowd (especially as a career changer) and achieve work-life happiness. 

Top 6 Fears About Career Change
I Have Observed (and experienced)

Financial Concerns

This is often the top concern especially for the more established professionals who are most likely to have substantial family and mortgage commitments. They are not sure whether they can afford to have any drop in the current level of income. When there is a lack of clarity and connection to your “why”, a financial concern will usually override any “itch” to pursue any change.

Lack of Clarity

Dealing with uncertainty and a “lack of a plan” consumes a lot of energy. It seems far easier to just search for job ads and hit the apply button than to take a step back to understand your strengths, interests, skills, dealbreakers and priorities. This often results in inability “to sell” yourself bringing you back to where you started.

Comfort Zone Mentality

It is normal to want to feel comfortable. People may hesitate to leave familiar routines and environments behind, even if they're unhappy or unfulfilled in their current roles. We cling to what’s known to us. Many professionals don’t know how to pluck up courage to take risk and remain in a constant state of “feeling trapped”. Fear of success is equally real as is fear of failure.

Fear of Failure

It is normal to be fearful of burning bridges, yet for most this can result in never making the first step onto a bridge. What I have observed in my 10+ career consulting experience is that most people do not regret their choice of job or career change, and they often wonder why they didn’t do it earlier. More often than not, there is always a possibility to go back to your “old” career, but hardly anyone does.

Lack of Guidance

Feeling unhappy in a job or career and trying to figure out on your own what to do instead is pretty common. This stage can last from weeks to years for many people, and with time it gets more and more disheartening that googling “alternative careers for…” is not yielding anything relevant to your specific interests and skills. This analysis paralysis results from a common myth amongst professionals looking to change careers that the next thing they pick must be a career for life. Most likely it won’t be, and it’s OK.

Imposter Syndrome

Having been in a certain career for sometime may give an impression that you are not “qualified” to do anything else, which is particularly common for doctors and dentists. It can be hard to figure out what transferrable skills you do have and how to use them to compete with other seemingly more qualified candidates who have relevant experience in the sector of interest. Even if you are successful in making a transition, a sense of being a fraud can linger for years.

About Stethoscope to Stocks

Stethoscope to Stocks aims to provide resources and personalised guidance to mid-career professionals in pursuit of work life that is truly meaningful to them. As well as supporting doctors looking for alternative careers, I use my unique experience as a career changer, a qualified executive coach and career adviser, and a headhunter (recruiter), to support any mid-career professional in making more informed career choices.

6 years

in clinical practice as an NHS doctor

10+ years

in career consulting, coaching, leadership advisory and public speaking

6 years

recruitment experience for VC, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies

600+ hours

coaching and consulting Healthcare & medical professionals and Life Sciences executives


presentations at professional development conferences, seminars and workshops

My mission is to inspire and empower mid-career professionals to find courage to make uncomfortable but necessary changes in their lives. Whether you’re exploring alternative careers or seeking guidance on navigating the job market, I am committed to helping you succeed in your quest for a more fulfilling and meaningful work life.

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